Missy Now Lives Headache Pain Free

After receiving treatment at Charlotte Headache Center, Missy is now migraine free. Prior to receiving our cutting-edge therapy, she suffered 2-3 migraine episodes every week. Just as important to her, Missy has also been able to get off of the multiple drug regimen she was previously dependent on to fight the severity of her migraines.

Missy Now Lives Headache Pain Free

I’ve been experiencing migraines for most of my adult life. And we, as a family, moved down here about four and a half years ago and I felt them starting to get much worse. And I was up to usually two to three migraines a week, which was not manageable to be a person, let alone a mom. And I had gone to doctor after doctor. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong, what was causing the migraines and the neurologist had put me on three separate prescription medications.

Long story short, I’m in here one day for a general teeth cleaning and was on a lot of that medication. Very, you know, blah, not myself at all. And they asked if I was okay. I started explaining the migraine situation and they said we’d really like you to come in and be evaluated.

I started the entire physical therapy with Karen and Dr. Harrell and within a month my migraines had gone down significantly to maybe one every two weeks. So I’m still in the process now. I’m in the Invisalign process of the therapy and I haven’t — I’m off all my prescription medication and I haven’t had a migraine in three months. They gave me my life back.

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