Stopping Migraine Pain At The Root – Nicole’s Story

Nicole says she experienced a “significant decrease” in her migraines after just four treatments at Charlotte Headache Center. The amount of money she spent on medications and therapies — like botox injections — to treat her migraines over the previous six years was “outrageous,” she says. Nicole adds that the other treatments only addressed the symptoms, while Charlotte Headache Center was able to correct the cause.

Stopping Migraine Pain At The Root – Nicole’s Story

About a month after I started coming for the physical therapy there was a significant change in my migraines. They decreased and I was amazed. The money I spent on medications was outrageous. So, for the last six years, we have been treating the symptom of pain but could not figure out why I was having the migraines.

When I came in here Dr. Harrell and Karen did some assessments of my mouth, my biting capacity. Just a couple different tests and they decided that, yes, I could benefit from the therapy, which is what helped correct my jaw, and biting and grinding with my teeth. And it’s just amazing to fix the problem, not treat the symptom.

Everybody I meet that I know that has headaches, I tell everyone — about my battle with the migraines for six years and all the treatments and medications I’ve been through, the botox injections — that I started physical therapy and I tell them that it really does work. I know it works and hopefully it will change their life too.

I would absolutely recommend Charlotte Headache Center for treatment and fixing the problem that causes your migraine and pain miserable life, so that you’ll have a wonderful life again.

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